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  • Who We are?
  • From The Desk of Chairman
  • Mission & Vision
  • Our Strength
  • Management Team
  • Team Universal
  • Awards & Recognitions
  • Testimonials

Universal Computer Institute was established in the year 1998 for conducting computer training through educational institute in India by means of which students (who undergo computer training) may obtain education and instruction in computers. Our Institute has its presence over 4 locations across Vasai.

Having 12 years of rich experience in professional computer education, Universal Computer Institute is continously growing with good future prospects in computer edcuation for students bright career. Universal Computer Institute was established in the year 1998 for conducting computer training thorough educational institute in India by means of which students (who undergo computer training) may obtain education and instruction in computers. Now the Institute has its presence over 7 locations across Vasai Taluka.

We are proud to say that we are:

  • An ISO 9001-2000 Organization
  • Most experienced Institute in Vasai Taluka
  • Awarded the "Best performer" of the year 2002-03 and 2006-07 by MBTB
  • Awarded the " Best Authorized Training Center" for MSCIT course by MKCL
  • Organization which has given training to all Govt. & semi Govt. organizations
"Believe in Yourself"

If you believe in yourself & your dreams, nothing can stop you. It all depends on your attitude towards life. Remember nothing can stop a person with right mental attitude and a firm determination. Have a positive attitude towards life. Do what you can, with what you have and from where you are. Don't wait for the big opportunities. Go on with the small ones for they are the beginning of great enterprises.

My positive attitude towards life, dreams, hardwork, dedication, determination, courage and my UNIVERSAL FAMILY has enabled me to take challenge and change my destiny. "To achieve excellence by applying imagination and innovative business strategies proactively, to meet organizations goal with optimum productivity and revenue", always remains my philosophy in life.

We UNIVERSAL, the professional I.T. training institute began our journey almost 12 years ago and has become the leader in concerned fields. India is fast emerging as a world leader in the field of IT and there is a huge demand for skilled professionals, not only in the IT sector but in other industries too. While the demand for skilled professionals is growing day by day, there is a dearth for quality education in the field. As a result , there has been a sad mushrooming of below average institutes that promise everything but deliver nothing. They chum out professionals who lack the skills to compete in the competitive market. There lies the difference between UNIVERSAL and other institutes because Commitment to customer satisfaction and quality education has been the motto of the Institute to build up a large base of satisfied clients. We not only create a competitive I.T. professionals but also a responsible citizens by creating social awareness among them by arranging different social activities. As there is a saying by an unknown author "An education system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living, but doesn't teach them how to make a life." By the grace of Almighty and hardwork of each member of UNIVERSAL family, the organization has made a special place in the field of quality education.

Our Mission

To transform unemployeed youth and aspirants into a team of dedicated centric courses and helping them to achieve self reliance.

Our Vision

We visualize ourselves as a global player in all the spheres of IT training.

  • Latest Equipments
  • Latest Courseware
  • Trained Manpower
  • Training and guidence from the experts
  • High Degree of Technology awareness
  • Inside Market Analysis
  • Flexible and Sensetive to Students need
  • Strong Project Management experience
Co-Founder & CMD Co-Founder & Director(Strategy & Business Development)
Mr. Anand Pereira   Mr. Brijesh Pereira  
  Co-Founder & Director
(Quality Control)
  Director Operation
Mr. Sebastian Tuscano   Mrs. Rovilda Pereira  
Center Director
(Virar East)
Center Director
(Virar West)
Mr. Taresh Jadhav   Mr. Sachin Panse  
Vice President
(Sales & Marketing)
Chief Exam Controller
Mr. Shubham Gupta   Mr. Ajay Kumar  
  • Charmine D'souza - Student Relationship Manager
  • Bhagyashri Naik - Asst. Exam Controller
  • Tejaswi Almeida - Office Asst.
    Senior Faculties
  • Shabnam Shaikh
  • Kamlesh Prajapati
  • Angel Mankar
  • Yatin Wairkar
  • Mamta Rajawat
  • Lumina Dabre
    Asst. Faculties
  • Aarti Bolkar
  • Sharmila Koli
  • Bhavna Lad
  • Heena Bhatt
  • Pooja Shinde
  • Ashwini Patil

We have been awarded with:

  • "Shiksha Bharti Puraskar" On a national Basis by All India Achievers foundation, New Delhi.
  • The "Best performer" of the year 2002-03 and 2006-07 by Maharashtra Business Training Board
  • The "Best Authorized Training Center" for MSCIT course by Maharashtra Knowladge Corporation Limited
  • The "Best performer" of the year 2011-12 by Central Board of IT and Vocational Training
  • Nomination for "International Award for Educational Excellence" by International Achievers Foundation
Janas Joseph D'Britto :

          "Hi! This is Janas. Universal Computer Institute is one of the best Computer classes for a person to study different computer courses. The best part is student is given freedom to ask their doubts to their respective guide. The class is well disciplined, Weekly tests & Student presentations are organized to know the progress report of each & every student for their betterment, I personally wish and recommend others that one who wants to be master in computers is only one who can help and guide them their way is Universal Computer Institute."

Manisha Ghambad :

          "Hi! This is Manisha. I would like to share my learning experience with this Institute. The infrastructure is good and clean, Faculties are well trained & well versed and the atmosphere is also good. The Management staff is also very co-operative."

Sneha Surati :

          "Hi! This is Sneha. I think Universal Computer Institute is one of the best coaching class. If anyone wishes to start with a computer course I would say it should be only "Universal Computer Institute". Here students are free to ask and clear their doubts. Weekly student review, Exams on every topic & Student presentation is held for their betterment & encouragement. It's may experience that I understand everything very clearly. I wish everyone should go for Universal Coaching class."

Mitesh Patil :

          "Hello Friends! This is Mitesh Patil. I want to share my learning experience with this Institute. The Infrastructure is very good. The Faculties over here are very helpful and are always ready to clear their student's doubts. Management is excellent – it always comes with different innovative ideas. The atmosphere over here is also good and it is a well disciplined Institute."

Omkar Sawant :

          "Hello Friends! I would love to share my learning experience at Universal Computer Institute. The Infrastructure over here is very good, there is one more unique thing that we are given student booklet when we are enrolled for the course which helps us to know what we are actually learning and when we complete are topics we are given assignments to know how much we have understood each and every topic taught to us. The faculties over here are very helpful we have the freedom of asking our doubts and clearing them. Student feedback is held to know whether we have any problems. The Faculties here are well trained."

Stevina Colaco :

          "Hi! This is Stevina Colaco. I would like to share a few things about the Institute. This Institute provides a good infrastructure for the students. The teachers are efficient enough and are always willing to clear our doubts. They create a good atmosphere which helps us to learn better. It has also increased my confidence level by providing us the platform to arrange different social activities. I would like to say Universal a better place to learn about computers."

Priyanka D'silva :

          "Hello! This is Priyanka D'silva. I would like to share my learning experience with this Institute. The infrastructure of the Institute is good, the teachers over here are helpful and create good environment for learning as well as they are always ready to clear our doubts and willing to give more information about Computers. At Universal we get more knowledge about computers. It has made me realize my social responsibilities too."

Deepali Chipat :

          "The Faculties are very supportive and caring. Students have the freedom to ask and clear their doubts. This Institute not only gives us computer knowledge but also encourages the students social awareness. 7 days work shop was also conducted in which they gave us information regarding the hardware of computer which were so interesting, on which they had exams and we also received a participant certificate for our attendance."

Zeenal Damania :

          "Hi! This is Zeenal here and I would like to share my learning experience with Universal Computer Institute. Faculties over here put their best efforts in teaching the students. They clear our doubts and teach us in simple way so that we are not confused and our concept is clear. The infrastructure over here is good. Weekly test on every topics are conducted. We are given assignment to solve on every topic. Student Presentation is conducted so that we can explain others what we have learnt in that topic and also fearlessly speak in front of other students which encourages us to be strong also face the crowd."

Snehal Malusare :

          "This Institute teaches us a lot, not only in the field of IT sector but also our social responsibility towards the society by organizing Blood Donation Camp, also Personality development & Confidence building lectures. Apart from software education they also provide Hardware knowledge by organizing 7 day workshop at IHT Network Limited. Faculties over here are very helpful, caring and motivating. It also has a good infrastructure. As you all know that domicile certificate has become a necessity for our students for taking admission, Universal had organized a domicile certificate camp to avoid the inconvenience caused to the students and the camp was not only for their students but also for their friends and relatives. Here they also provide us placement assistance."

Pooja Yende :

          "Here there is one good system implemented i.e. the student Booklet which helps us know the topics which are to be covered so that we are aware of the topics. There are also topic wise assignment which helps us to understand our progress report. Faculties always help us to clear our doubts and guide us in our difficulty, before our exams we are given thorough practice and also certificate is given on the basis of online exam held. I will always recommend other students to experience the teaching of Universal which is very innovative."

Savitri Gupta :

          "The infrastructure of the Institute is very good. The Faculties here are very helpful and caring. They are always ready to clear our doubts and difficulties in our topics. There is monthly student feedback and the institute is always ready to accept the suggestions given by the students. They not only provide us software knowledge but also hardware knowledge by conducting the workshop and making us to understand the value and how it will help us in our future. The Exams conducted here are online basis and through this we come to know our progress, the certificate is not just given directly after course completion, students have to prepare themselves for the viva's and presentation."

Runali Gawde :

          "Hi! This is Runali. I would like to share my Learning experience at Universal Computer Institute. The teaching system is very systematic as they introduced student booklet for us so that we can come to know what we are learning and what all each and every topic consist of. The faculties teach us in an interesting way so we are not bored of the teaching and because of which my interest level for learning computers has increased. This institute not only teaches or gives us computer knowledge but also makes us aware of our social responsibilities by organizing Blood Donation Camp and Domicile Certificate camp not only for their students but also for their relatives and friends. They also conduct a Hardware workshop free of cost so that their students can get both the knowledge of Software as well Hardware. I am glad to be a member of this family."

Paresh Bendre :

          "Hi! This is Paresh. I would like to share my Learning experience at Universal Computer Institute. Here students are free to ask and clear their doubts. The faculties over here are always ready to clear our doubts. Weekly student review, Presentation, Viva's are conducted to improve our knowledge and to face the crowd without any fear. Exams conducted are online and the certification is provided purely on knowledge basis and not for sake of course completion. Here the faculties always motivate us and help us to improve not only in our studies but also are social responsibility towards our society."

Valerie Goes :

          "I would like to share with you my learning experience at this Institute. The First thing that comes to my mind about Universal is that you get personal attention. The Faculties here are well versed and well trained and give us full and correct information which helps us while working at our office. The infrastructure here is good, student participation and views are accepted at the time of any program organized and we are encouraged and motivated by our faculties and the staff for participation. The Faculties are always ready to clear the doubts and difficulties which we have."

Aparna Ramakant Patil :

          "Universal has given me a good platform. I had learned many things from Universal. Faculties here are very good. They teaches us very well and gives us much knowledge of computers. The atmosphere in Universal is also excellent. I love Universal."

Aarti Tushambar :

          "Universal is one of the best institute. It provides us with good infrastructure & faculties. Booklet is given in daily practicals and assignments are maintained by which there is good rapport between faculties and students. I am also very thankful to Universal for providing me extra knowledge on hardware apart from my course by conducting seminar."

Nikhat N. Shaikh :

          "According to me the teaching method is very good as the class provides each students with a booklet so that students can understand better, step by step. I like the assignment segment as it makes us realize how much we have learnt about the course. Methods such as providing practice days and asking doubts is also interesting."

Hitesh Jagnnath Gowari :

          "Universal institute is the best institute for me. It has not only given me computer education but had also made me realized my responsibilities towards society."

Sharon Thankyyan :

          "Universal Institute is the best for the student for their future. It shows us the way and guides us for our future. There are various courses which helps us to achieve our goal. The teachings are very good and easy to grasp. I am very happy to join this institute."

Rehan Moulvi :

          "Management of Universal is excellent which always provides us with new ideas and also allows students to involve in various activities. The teaching skill is excellent and a student can easily understand what is taught. It is a good experience for me."

Priyanka S. Tiwari :

          "The faculty here are very good and put in their best efforts to make their students learn and intake the best. Initially, at start of my course, I was new to many things relating to computer and now I am much familiar to computers. It has until now been a good learning experience."

Rahul Gonsalves :

          "Since I have joined this institute my whole learning style has changed, now my interest in computers has increased. Here the faculties and other staff work extremely hard to train the students. It had arranged various camps from which I received many things useful for my life. In my opinion Universal Computer Institute is an inspiring example to the student. Seriously I have never seen such an Institute which gives computer education but at the same time also motivates candidates to take part in social activities. It had started Universal Club for students which helps student realize their social responsibilities as well as learn in an interesting manner. I am glad to be a student of Universal Computer Institute as it provides great opportunities for the students."

Preeti Bhavsar :

          "Universal Computer Institute provides us good atmosphere and faculties. It has taught me more than what I want. The Exam controller conducts exams, viva's & presentation which helps us to face the crowd and also during interview, it also builds our confident level. The one who joins Universal will not go barren handed."

Maya Baliram Thosar :

          "I have got more knowledge from this institute. It gives personal attention to each and every student. The assignments help me a lot to know whether I am able to do or no. I am proud to say that I am the student of Universal."

Bhagyashree Bhabal :

          "Universal had not only given me knowledge of computers but had also taught me about life. The various camps taken by Universal had shown me my responsibilities in society. It provides us placement assistance and also prepares us to give an interview."